Collaborative Divorce

Couples facing separation and divorce encounter many challenges – especially when children are involved. Parents must resolve important concerns with significant thought to the aftereffects. The collaborative divorce process provides a positive context in which to deal with these concerns without going to court. With the support of a collaborative team, it offers you the opportunity to focus on what is important to you, your family and your future.

You will have access to a team of professionals, each specializing in a different field of expertise.
The team consists of:
  • a collaboratively trained attorney for each spouse who provides legal information
  • a mental health professional to coach each spouse in communication and negotiation skills
  • a child specialist to give your children a voice in the process
  • a financial specialist to help you both analyze the impact of your financial decisions.

The Collaborative team approach is successful because:
  • It uniquely lays a solid foundation for a future parenting partnership between you and your spouse, and between both parents and the children. And even though the family will be restructured into two homes, it creates an atmosphere of hope for your whole family.

  • All the professionals on the team, the attorneys, the mental health professionals, and the financial specialist have special training to help contain the cost of the divorce process, by using limited family funds in the most effective way possible.

  • The collaborative process is about integrity. An emphasis on honesty and openness from the outset helps you to address your concerns related to sharing time with your children, family support, and equitable distribution of your property and with an attitude toward resolution.

  • During the process, you and your spouse will identify your hopes and concerns, information will be gathered, organized and shared, you will brainstorm all available choices and reach an agreement that meets your family’s needs.

  • Working together enables you to conclude your marriage in a way that addresses everyone’s legal, financial, and emotional needs within the resources of the family and for the benefit of the entire family. It also recognizes and honors the interests of each spouse and positions the reconfigured family for success.

You lay the groundwork for a better future. Divorce is painful but choosing to work cooperatively and treating one another with dignity and respect, enables you and your spouse to create an environment that will help you and your children heal.

"Create what you want in your life instead 
  of being
stuck in what you didn't have."
                                                Iyanla Vanzant