YearTraining TypeInstructor
2007Introductory Interdisciplinary Team TrainingGeorge Richardson, Janis Pritchard, Mark Hill, Vicki Carpel-Miller, et al.
2007Divorce Mediation TrainingAdryenn Cantor
2007Case Presentation by Full Collaborative TeamBrian Don Levy, Sam Wasserson, et al.
2007From Talk the Talk to Walk the WalkFred Glassman
2008Collaborative Law Intermediate TrainingLACFLA Faculty
2008Exploring the Neutral Coach Model in Collaborative PracticeLinda Solomon, LPC, LMFT
2008Skills for Coaches in the Neutral Coach ModelLinda Solomon, LPC, LMFT
2008High Conflict Cases Using the Collaborative ModelBrian Don Levy, Tony Hill, Michael Barnes, Mary Stoddard, Gerry Fagoaga, Jerry Cohen
2008How to Present the Collaborative Concept to Perspective ClientsBart Carey
2008Financial & Real Estate Concerns in the Collaborative Divorce ProcessDave Bowman and Laurel Starks
2008How To Incorporate Collaborative Practice into Your Family PracticeLeslee Newman
2008The Collaborative Coach, The Glue That Keeps Us TogetherMarvin Chapman, PsyD.
2009Basic Divorce Mediation TrainingForrest Mosten
2009Behavioral FinanceJustin Reckers
2009New Ways for FamiliesWilliam Eddy, LCSW, JD
2009Creative Solutions for Divorcing FamiliesM. Gary Newman, MS, LMHC
2009Moving Beyond ImpasseFred Glassman
2009High Conflict Diversion ProgramBrook Olsen
2009Marketing Your Collaborative PracticeBrian Don Levy and Kathleen O'Connor
2009Informed Consent and Turning Calls into CasesForrest Mosten
2010Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Protocol TrainingCollaborative Divorce Education Institute
2010How to Present the Collaboraative ConceptBart Carey
2010Self-Care for the Collaborative ProfessionalPatrice Courteau, MA, MFT
2010Building Your Skill Set Tool BoxBrian Don Levy and Stephanie Maloney
2010Mediation Skills & Strategies in Collaborative & Unbundled PracticesForrest Mosten
2010Generating Collaborative Cases: What Works and What Doesn'tLeslee Newman
2010Using Peacemaking to Build a Profitable PracticeForrest Mosten
2011Making Custody Plans Work in the Real WorldTobias Dejardins
2011Difficult Conversations CDEICDEI-Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg
2011Just Stop Saying That!Ellie Izzu & Vicki Carpel Miller
201125 Wild & Crazy Ideas for Breaking ImpasseWoody Mosten & David Hoffman
2011Third Annual Diversity WorkshopLACFLA Faculty
2011The Real Estate Debacle and Its Effects on Collaborative DivorceLaurel Starks, Real Estate Divorce Specialist
2011The Power of Presence and CollaborativeSheila James
2011Coaching Tools for the Collaborative TeamMaria Nemeth, PhD
2011Why Collaborative Practice is a Good Karma DivorceMichele Lowrance
2011The Biology of LossGabor Mate, MD
2011Getting to the Emotional Truth of the CaseStephen Sulmeyer, JD, PhD
2011Managing Borderlines and NarcissistsBill Eddy
2012Nondefensive Communication David Fink JD and Sharon Ellison MS 6
2012Working as an Integrated Team Towards Agreement ReadinessBrian Levy JD, Warren Sacks CPA and Carol Hughes PhD 1.5
2012 Positioning from within the Professional TeamBrian LKevy JD, Carol Hughes, PhD and Warren Sacks CPA 1.5
2013Coaching for BIFF ResponsesBill Eddy, LCSW, JD 3
2013Is Domestic Violence Always Physical?Alyce LaVioilette 1
2014 The Anti-Fragile Client and the Anti-Fragile Professional Thriving in AdversityEllie Izzo, PhD and Vicki Carpel Miller, LMFT 6
2014Enrolling the ClientDiana Martinez, JD 1.5
2014What Did We Learn From the IACP Forum?Diana Martinez, JD and Sara Milburn, JD 1
2014Intermediate Divorce Mediation TrainingWoody S. Mosten 18
2014Collaborative or Cooperative: Are We on the Same Page?Jennifer Webb, JD, Brian Don Levy, JD and Leslee Newman, JD 1
2014Advanced Mediation and Collaborative Divorce TrainingDavid Kuroda, LCSW 1
2015New Ways for Families/Advanced Skills for Collaborative ProfessionalsBill Eddy, LCSW, JD 6
2015Protecting Children in High Conflict DivorcesCarol Hughes, PhD and Bruce Fredenburg, LMFT 1
2015Understanding and Being Aware of Our BiasesFrederick J. Glassman, JD and James E. Walton, PhD 1
2015Cheating, Fighting, Selfishness and Anger: What Every Clinician Needs to Know for Working with CouplesJonathan Swinton, PhD, LMFT 6
2015Ethics for Licensed Marriage & Family TherapistsAlice Flanagan, PhD, MSW 6
2015Communication, Spirituality and the BrainMark Waldman, Author 5.5
2015CP Cal ReviewDiana Martinez, JD, Bruce Fredenburg, LMFT, Leslee Newman, JD and Jocelyne Shiromoto, LCSW .5 1.5
2015Practical Applications in a Collaboratie ProcessBruce Fredenburg, LMFT 1
2015Trauma in DivorcePatrice Courteau, LMFT 1
2015Understanding RelationshipsJeff Auerbach, PhD 6
2016How Full Interdisciplinary Teams Bring Clients to Agreement ReadinessBrian Levy, JD, Carol Hughes, PhD, LMFT, Bruce Fredenburg, LMFT and Cathleen Collinsworth, CDFA, MAFF 5.5
2016Addiction and Competeny Concerns for Professionals and ClientsJames Heiting, JD, Greg Dorst, JD and Mike Razo, JD 1
2016Undertanding Addictions, Food, Drugs & AlcoholInstitute for Natural Resources (INR) FacultyInstitute for Natural Resources (INR) Faculty 6
2016Reasoning with Unreasonable People: Focus on Discorers of Emotional RegulationJoseph Shannon, PhD 6
2017Three-Day Collaborative Team Training - The Basics and BeyondBrian Don Levy, JD, Carol Hughes, PhD, LMFT, Bruce Fredenburg, LMFT and Cathleen Collinsworth, CDFA, MAFF 19